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Custom Security Features
For TITO Tickets and POS Rolls
TITO Tickets


Black Light Blue Ink - Transparent

  • Glows under an ultraviolet (black) light.
  • Subtly seen without the use of a black light.
  • Cannot be photocopied or digitally recreated.

Black Light Yelow Ink - Transparent

  • Glows under an ultraviolet (black) light.
  • Subtly seen without the use of a black light.
  • Cannot be photocopied or digitally recreated.

White-On-White Ink

  • White Ink printed on white paper.
  • Replicates the look and security of a subtle watermark.
  • Visible to the naked eye.
  • Can not be replicated on a copy machine.

Thermochromic Ink

  • Pastel like ink activated by temperature change.
  • When rubbed, this heat-activated ink will change to a colorless state, or to another color.
  • When the surface temperature returns to normal, this ink will revert back to its original color.
  • Quick method to authenticate a genuine document from a counterfeit without any special devices.
  • Can not be photocoppied or digitally recreated.

Fluorescent Ink

  • Bright neon-like ink.
  • Unique while adding a fun element to your custom product design.

Unique and sequential numbering

  • Black Numbering.
  • Unique authentication to keep track of individual product.

POS Rolls

Coin Reactive Ink

  • Opaque White Ink.
  • Converts to black when rubbed with the edge of a coin or metal object.
  • Instant authentication specially designed for POS Rolls.
  • Nearly impossible to recreate.
  • Can not be photocopied or digitally recreated.

POS Roll Perforations

  • Custom perforations to suit your specific design or application.
  • Only visible when viewed under an ultraviolet (black) light.
  • Can not be duplicated without a custom perforation blade or a special press

Keeping Slots Running and Players Playing
For over a Decade.

Graphic Control's TITO Tickets can be found in: Caesars Entertainment, MGM International, Mohegan Sun, OLG, BCLC, and hundreds of other world class properties.

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